Tips To Buy Your Favorite Pearl Bracelets to Wear Lifetime


Everyone loves to wear a bracelet, especially women. By wearing a bracelet on the wrist, she feels special. So, it is one of the favorite jewels for each and every woman.

Bracelets are available in different length made with various metals including gold, silver, pearl, etc. Among them a pearl bracelet looks beautiful with every outfit from casual wear jeans to party wear. You can even wear it with matching earrings, and necklace.

Types of bracelets

You can find various types of bracelets in the market like chain, bead, mesh and many others.

  • Chain – There are various types of chain designs including wheat chain or round balls designed with different metals like platinum, gold or silver. Chain model bracelets are referred as classic bracelets.
  • Bangle -It possesses metallic shine and looks very simple. You can wear either a single one or many.
  • Pearl – It will have bright shine that makes you look perfect in any dress. You can use a simple one string or layered string bracelet as per your choice and occasion.

Tips to buy the right bracelet

While buying pearl bracelets, you have to make sure of the length of the bracelet. It has to fit to your wrist if not, and you will feel uncomfortable to wear it. So, take the measurement of your wrist and give to the seller.

The length ranges from 6.5-8.5 inches and the average size is 7.5. If you are taller, then you need to opt for a 9 inch bracelet. In case, you want to gift it someone special and doesn’t their size, then you can buy 7.5 inches bracelet as it suits every women of average height.

If you need a loose fit, then you have to buy 0.5 to 1 inch larger one else you can select the size nearer to you.

Both fresh as well as sea water is suitable to harvest pearls. Usually, bracelets will be made by using cultured pearls. These pearls are available in various colors and perfectly match with any dress of a woman and give her happiness.

On important occasions like birthday, anniversary, etc gift your loved one this bracelet and make them feel special to you.

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