The ultimate comparison between the electric water heater and gas water heater


Water heaters are essential for any home. They have the critical function of providing hot water to your taps and plumbing systems. If you don’t have an excellent water heater at home, you need to heat water for all domestic purposes manually. This will lead to higher fuel costs for the heater and also helps in water conservation.

A water heater will give you water at the desired temperature without wasting a lot of time.

A good water heater also stores heated water for quite some time while maintaining the temperature. This is a good feature given that you do not need to use the water presently but may require it after some time.

In this article, we compare the electric water heater and gas water heater and which is a suitable choice for your home.

Electric water heater

The electric water heater is an excellent solution for homes as it quickly helps in heating water. It has a low upfront cost and has an efficient energy utilization. Electric water heaters are very safe to operate. The lower initial cost of electric water heaters is because of the high options available in the market. You can get affordable options at a low price. The price also depends on the size and the capacity of the water heater and whether it is tankless or with the tank. It does not need a new ventilation system for removing the exhaust from the combustion process.

This is an excellent option for homes that do not have a suitable gas supply and do not want to invest in larger models that have a higher price. The cost of running this water heater is higher than that of a gas water heater, but the initial prices are more minor. It can be a suitable option for small areas where there is not much space in the bathroom, and higher safety is desirable. Find out a reliable electricity company near me for the best electric water heater energy supply.

Gas water heaters

Gas water heaters run on liquefied petroleum gas. They have an adequate supply system through gas pipelines or cylinders attached to the home gas supply.  It is very energy efficient and is also lighter and affordable. This is an excellent output when compared to the cost incurred. They also use significantly less energy and in price cost less than the electric water heater. Remember that this model of gas water heater is usually more expensive than an electric water system.  It needs additional piping because it uses gas to heat water, and the exhaust needs to be removed using an elaborate piping system.

Final word

Gas water heaters usually have a higher initial setup cost, but the running cost is less. An average input reading of a gas water heater is from 30000 to 180000 BTU, while for an electric water heater, the power input is between 1440 and 1500 watts. Both of these are different measurement units, and the higher the value of the unit’s worth, the water heater works to heat your water. To decide which one is suitable for your home, you must find out the initial cost of set up, the running cost, and how quickly the water heater gives you water.

After you have established all these, you can find a system that suits your needs. These will be based on the number of people that use hot water in the house, the size of your bathroom and the requirement of water, and how much water you need each day. After all, this is established; you can go for a gas water heater or electric water heater. Get a good water heater today.

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