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One in 5 women between the ages of 35 and 39 will have an abortion. The age of the pregnant woman is one of the main risk factors for a pregnancy to be unsuccessful, and the increasingly common delay in the age at which women decide to become mothers has caused these rates to increase. Miscarriages added to fertility problems (which are also increasing as a result of age) have contributed to the increase in assisted reproduction treatments.

Types of assisted reproduction treatments

 There are several assisted reproduction treatments, techniques that have advanced in recent decades and have allowed the success rate to be higher and higher. With click here this is important.

Artificial insemination

It is one of the techniques best known to the general public and also one of the most successful. It is, without a doubt, the simplest and consists of the introduction of a semen sample (previously prepared in the laboratory) in the woman’s uterus. In this way the possibilities of natural fertilization are increased.

In vitro fertilization

It is another of the best known and most used, especially by women who have exceeded 40 years and have difficulties getting pregnant. It consists of the union of the ovum and the sperm in the laboratory to obtain already fertilized embryos that are later transferred to the woman’s uterus so that they can develop and produce a pregnancy.

Egg donation

It is an in vitro fertilization with eggs from a donor and the sperm from your partner or from a semen bank. It is used in cases where the patient cannot conceive an embryo by herself because she does not generate quality eggs or suffers from some type of infertility.

Egg freezing

The delay in maternity age has caused more and more women to decide to freeze their eggs to use at the time they want to be mothers. It is recommended to do it before the age of 35. When they decide to be mothers, the usual thing is to carry out an IVF treatment with these eggs and implant the embryo in the maternal uterus.

Tips for choosing the best assisted reproduction treatment

  • Get advice from a medical professional.
  • Assess the personal situation of the couple or woman who wants to be a mother alone.
  • Take into account the difficulties that women present: Difficulty in achieving pregnancy, age, quality of the ovules (IVF is recommended).
  • Also take into account the difficulties that man presents: quality of sperm, speed, etc. (Artificial insemination is recommended).

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