Plumbing Statistics Every Homeowner Should Know


Many homesteads and even buildings require good standards of plumbing to keep things in order. Installing and keeping the plumbing in order are some of the major decisions people make and while DIY is one of the options that have to fix things, using a professional is still highly recommended. Here is why you should choose a professional along with some Plumbing Stats you should know.

You reduce wastage

Across the country, many households face a different type of leak from different types of their households. When unattended, leaks can end up wasting more than 10,000 gallons of water. In perspective, this would be the amount of water that would have been used in doing 270 bales of laundry. A lot of this water can be used up elsewhere and it also saves up on your water bills. While you could slap some duct tape on it, this will only work for so long. Ensure that you get a professional to sort out the situation once and for all.

It is a money saver

If you happen to have a busy schedule and you barely have time to check out your plumbing and this can lead to an accumulation of damage. A small leak can become bigger and even irreversible at some point. This can cost you a lot because it might eventually require an overhaul that could end up costing more than it would have to fix the little leak. As mentioned, an unattended leak can end up raking your water bills to a higher number. For instance, a leak can cost you at least 45 cents daily. Not a large number if you think about it, but what about when it goes on for a year and it costs you about $164? That is quite a sum for something that didn’t benefit you. Taking care of your plumbing issues is a tip to save up on money.

It is an environmentally friendly move

Plumbing does not always mean water pipes around the house. It is also the plumbing that transports the raw sewage from your kitchen and toilet into your septic tank. This plumbing can also have some leaks that can end up being harmful to the environment because the contents are untreated. Assuming your piping has just about an eighth of an inch of a crack. The sewage that will flow out of the leak is about 250 gallons a day. Another interesting Plumbing Stats you should know. All this untreated sewage does not just stink up the place but might also happen to poison the soil, plants, or even corrode materials near it.

It is a safety measure

Leaks happen in many areas, so if left unattended, it poses a health risk. If your water passes through areas such as soil and they have a leak, your water might become contaminated and make you and your family sick. In addition, leaks cause wet spots on the floor which can in turn cause accidents that sometimes can be fatal. Having a leak, as small as we deem it fixed is a safety step that can help avoid bodily harm. Using a professional in this case is highly advised because fixing it yourself with the knowledge of a tutorial may not do the intended job.

Plumbing is not just a necessity for households but also a mode of enjoying the convenience. Trusting a professional costs money compared to the zero budget you would use for tutorials but it is a guarantee of both safety and value. Ensure that the professional that you hire has all the qualifications needed. If you have doubts about hiring an individual, you can always go to an agency and they will send someone.


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