How do you differentiate between a lock and an unlocked phone?


If you have decided to buy a new smartphone for your selves, there is a high probability that apart from the new phone, you would find a unlock phone as well. Many people have asked this question about how they can differentiate between a new and unlocked phone. An unlocked phone is a device that can be used for multiple carrier’s networks. Usually, when you purchase a new mobile phone. Carrier Company bounds you in a contract that locks the phone to that specific network. This means that until and unless the contract is not over, you may not able to use other networks. People now days usually prefer to unlock their mobile phones to get rid of such problems. Phone unlocking is not free and does at a heavy cost. But if you want to switch over to another network. This is the most reliable option you should choose.

How to know if your phone is unlocked?

Many people ask this question about how they can know if their phone is unlocked. If you are one of those persons who have bought a new mobile phone and still paying installments on it. Chances are that your mobile is locked. The first method to know if your mobile is unlocked is through IMEI. This is a 16-digit code that includes information on the mobile phone. These include origin, model, and serial number of devices. If you have applied for an unlock request, you should insert another network sim-card and see if it is working. The second method to unlock your mobile phone is through an app. Moreover, third parties also offer their services to unlock your mobile phones. For example, if you want to unlock HTC, you should consider one of these options.

Is it legal to unlock your mobile phone?

It is certainly legal to unlock your mobile phone as long as you do not choose any illegal methods. The process is paid, and your carrier service provider is the one who assists you through it.

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