Essential First Aid Kit Items for Your Car



The last thing you want to have happen on the road is an accident. The next-to-last thing you want is to have an accident and not have a first aid kit in your vehicle. You’ll hopefully never need it, but here are the essential medical supplies everyone should keep in their car.

Bandages and Tourniquets

One of your top concerns in an automobile accident is bleeding. Crashes often lead to twisted metal and broken glass which can easily slice into the skin. Stopping the bleeding until 24 hour emergency service Lafayette AL can arrive is critical. Having a few bandages of various sizes and some strong towels that can be tied off into tourniquets should do the job.


Ideally, you should have two types of gloves in your first aid kit. First, you want to have medical-style latex gloves to prevent the transfer of bodily fluids. In addition, you should have some strong work gloves, in case you need to move metal or glass.


Water can do many helpful things at the scene of an accident. It could potentially put out a small fire, but more importantly, it can help you clean off a wound if needed. It can also help calm down a person who is in shock.


You should keep a set of emergency flares in your first aid kit for two reasons. First, they will make you visible to passing drivers to mitigate the risk of being run over on the side of the road. Second, they can signal the need for help.


Going back to passengers who may be injured in an accident, blankets will help them feel safe and warm. This is especially important in colder climates, but it’s still helpful even in warmer states. There are plenty of other practical non-emergency reasons to keep blankets in your car; it’s a good idea.


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