Don’t Get Zapped by Outdated Electrical Wiring


If you have lived in your home for many years, or you are looking to buy an old house, systems in each case that were once state-of-the-art may no longer be up to the task. The electrical system can be of greatest concern. As you add more and more pieces of modern technology to a dwelling, the electrical components can become inadequate to the task of supplying power safely and efficiently. Look for these signs of a fraying electrical system so that you can upgrade before disaster strikes.

Messy Wires

If you meet your electrical needs using an octopus-armed array of surge protectors, extension cables and multi-outlet plugins, you do not have enough receptacles for your needs. As electrical codes have changed, the number of outlets required per feet of wall has increased. The growing use of smart technology gadgets, entertainment electronics and kitchen appliances have driven these changes. Consulting an electrical technician near me is the first step toward addressing these needs.

Tripping Breakers

If you keep tripping circuit breakers, your electrical demands are greater than the circuit breaker panel can handle. Many older boxes do not have enough space to install the appropriate number of breakers necessary to handle increased electrical demands. Another sign of trouble is that of lights dimming when you turn on appliances. At a minimum, today’s panels should have a capacity for 200 amps.

Heat and Smoke Signs

Excess heat from your wiring is a sign to call in an electrician. Take note of whether your switch panel is hot to the touch, or if any part of the surrounding wall grows warm when the switch is flipped on. Be cautious of brown or black smoke smears on the outlets, a sign that the lines are overloaded.

Growing electricity use demands that the wiring and related components in a house are able to keep up. Updating your wiring and components to meet these demands means your electrical system can keep your gadgets and appliances zinging along smoothly.


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