Do We Have To Pay Taxes On Binary Options


We have heard a lot about binary options trading, about the high profitability that this type of operations offers, signals for binary options, how simple it is to invest, and the wide variety of financial assets available to trade and make a profit with.

All this theory sounds very good, but in practice, there are other types of things that are of interest to the investor, such as if binary options require payment of some tax.

In Spanish and European markets, binary options are a relatively new investment practice, making it difficult for some to know for sure how the laws are applied in relation to earnings.

In the Tax Administration, for example, they do not have much knowledge about the advantages offered by commercial activities related to binary operations. As a result, there are certain legal loopholes that many brokers take advantage of not to report their earnings.

Some brokers and commercials benefit from this absence of legislation so as not to have an obligation to declare anything to the Tax Agency.

It should be noted that many trading platforms are not even regulated, and those that are licensed to offer their services with the authorization of the competent agencies place their headquarters in tax havens. As you know, in the countries known as tax havens, the regulations are quite different from the rest.

The absence of laws about the commitment that brokers have to pay taxes does not require them to declare what they have earned. This means that the dividends obtained by this trade can be used by the intermediary with only one credit card linked to an additional bank account to make cash withdrawals at an ATM.

Note that if you operate in a binary options broker, the winnings will be reimbursed directly through the credit card with which you made the deposit or by bank transfer if you prefer. However, for this, you are more likely to have to deduct a commission or additional charge; everything will depend on the broker.

In principle, there are a number of free withdrawal transactions, so you should take advantage of them so as not to lose money.

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