Dedicated Server – How To Choose The Best One?


So you have finally decided to choose cheap 1gbps dedicated server, now what? Well, the next step is to make sure you will be able to choose the best company that provides dedicated server. To narrow down your choice, you have to take a look at the following factors:

Performance requirements

Every company has a unique performance requirement for their server. It is a must to define your performance requirements so that the company will be able to gauge how they can serve you best. Your server’s performance has something to do with your performance requirements.

Potential downtime

You have to think of the impact on your business if your hosting environment fails. With a dedicated server, you are not sharing it with others, which put the potential downtime in the slim position. Downtime will be there but it is minimal to none.

Bandwidth Usage

The bandwidth requirements have something to do with the predictability of data traffic. If you need a lot of bandwidth but have low predictability, then go for a package that includes a lot of data traffic.

Network Quality

It pertains to the physical location of the dedicated server, most importantly, the quality of the network of the hosting provider. If the hosting provider is in Europe and you are in the APAC region, choosing it won’t be sensible. It could lead to slow data delivery.

Application Scalability

It pertains to how well the application scale. Keep in mind that some applications are quite challenging to scale to multiple devices. So, you have to know beforehand if the database is running on multiple servers. It could be a sensible choice to move to a cloud environment for you to easily clone a server and take part of the load. Hence, balancing the workload to different servers.

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