All Buyers Need To Know About Standup Desks And Workstations!


Either sitting or standing in one position for long hours is never ideal and can lead to a bunch of health problems. Excessive sitting for many hours can lead to obesity, muscle fatigue and weight gain, and if you would want to change that about your workplace, an adjustable sit to stand desk could be a wise investment. Also called standing workstations, or standup desks, adjustable sit to stand desks are increasingly becoming a norm. Brands and websites like Prime Cables are selling a wide range of options in standup desks, and before you buy one, here are some quick things to know.

A standup desk is not same as a standing desk converter

Contrary to similar-sounding terms, both are not similar. A standing desk converter is basically an extra attachment for your existing desk. If you don’t want to replace the desk you have, you can add a standing desk converter and increase the height of the desk as required. On the other hand, standup desks are different and work as standalone solutions. These are usually adjustable via electric power, hydraulics, or manual adjustments, and you can smoothly move from a sitting position to a standing position and vice versa.

What makes a great standup desk?

Adjustability is easily the most critical feature of standup desks, and you need to decide how you want that feature to work. Electric standup desks are obviously better because the feature is programmable, and you will also have preset memory settings. For instance, if you have been sitting in the same position for a while, the desk will give an alarm. Also, changing positions to required heights can be done at the stop of a button. The cost of standup desks may vary from one brand to another, but expect to pay more for better features and warranty, costing anywhere over $200. Another aspect that matters is whether the tabletop is included in the price. Many people like to customize the size of the tabletop they want, and therefore, many standup desks don’t have a top.

Final word

Do check the weight restrictions, minimum & maximum height before taking the final call, and we recommend that you consider a brand that’s worth relying on for service and aftersales support. Your workstation is your area of productivity, and it makes sense to select a standup desk that will stand the test of time and is easy to use. You wouldn’t want adjustable features to take time away from actual work.

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