7 Things You Can Do To Dress Up Your Shop Equipment


No matter the type of shop you have, there is a way to dress up your equipment. This gives your shop a smooth look and can be more visually appealing to customers. Anything from your casters to electrical cords can be hidden or made fancy. Here are some basic things you can do to make your shop look nicer. 

  1. Spring for Rubber Wheels

Often, furniture that you place smaller equipment on comes with plastic wheels. However, buying hard rubber alternatives will give you a more professional look. Plus, they are more durable and maneuverable. 

  1. Attach Wheels With Stems for Furniture With Legs

Any furniture or stands that you have with legs will look ridiculous with standard plate-mounted wheels. Instead, buy wheels with stems that you can slip inside of the legs and get a more professional appearance. 

  1. Attach a Skirt to the Bottom of Raised Equipment

Most shop owners don’t want their wheels showing. If you are among the many, adding a fabric skirt to the bottom of your equipment, stands, and furniture can give your shop a cleaner look. 

  1. Add a Flat Cover of Electrical Cords

Today, most shop equipment comes with a plethora of electrical cords. Not only are these unsightly when they lay across your floor, but they also can be hard to roll other equipment over. Covering all of your electrical cords with a flat cover is one way to enhance your shop’s appearance. It is also a good way to make it easier to move heavy equipment around in your building. 

  1. Always Go for Small Wheels

Heavy-duty steel wheels are available in small sizes and can handle large loads. If you want to mount something heavy while keeping your general shop safety in mind and without having it look ridiculous sitting on large wheels, spring for these. 

  1. Get Wheels With Locks

Whenever people want to keep their equipment still, they tend to put wooden blocks or some other blockage under their wheels. However, adding locking wheels to your equipment stands and furniture will reduce the number of blocks lying around your shop, so it looks less cluttered. 

  1. Find the Appropriate Set-Up

Packing equipment into your shop can give it a cluttered appearance. It can also make it difficult for you to move around or find what you need. Therefore, it is best to find a machine set-up for optimum layout and efficiency. 

Having a smooth look inside of your shop is visually appealing to customers. These are just some of the things you can do to enhance your shop’s appearance. 

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