43 Things To Do On Your Birthday



Birthdays bring excitement, joy, fun, and all other synonyms to life. And if we are not wrong, almost all of us do the same thing every year on our birthday. Receiving phone class throughout the day and having a party at the same restaurant as last year. And with such a blue-printed plan, the day passes like snapping the fingers. And if we keep on celebrating our birthdays like this, soon there will be no excitement. The birthday will seem as boring as routine-stricken like the other days. 

But as they save, every problem has a solution; this one has more than one and all are fun-filled. Let’s take an oath! Repeat with us ‘’I, being a creative child of God will never follow the same routine on my birthday and will do the things that I am just about to read’’.

You are ready now! Let’s make your birthday fun!!!

  1. Go to an outdoor fitness class and bring yourself in shape
  2. Plant trees equal to your age and look after them
  3. Start feeding birds and dogs around you
  4. Go to a drive-in theatre or outdoor movie alone

  5. Try out yourself for a Horse ride
  6. Have a wonder wheel ride and bring back the Nostalgic
  7. Experience a Helicopter Ride (if your budget allows you)
  8. Go and Test Drive a luxury car (because it cost zero)
  9. Give yourself laugh – attend a comedy show
  10. Participate in an open mic poetry reading

  11. Play board games with friends and family

  12. Plan a trip to your favourite destination alone
  13. Nothing beats the fun of window shopping
  14. Ride a bicycle early in the morning
  15. Wake up the kid in you – visit a theme park
  16. How about a skincare session? 
  17. Get yourself inked – get a tattoo
  18. Buy a gift for yourself (something that is useful)
  19. Move your legs – go to a music concert
  20. Write down a routine chart for the year ahead
  21. Show some kindness – volunteer at the charity
  22. Donate blood and save lives
  23. Register yourself for organ donation
  24. Pick up your football shoes and learn some skills
  25. Have a pool and hot tub day

  26. Sit around the fire and roast marshmallows

  27. Binge-watch your favourite movies or shows

  28. Have a night out with your friends

  29. Learn something creative like painting
  30. Give your old shoes a new touch – paint them
  31. Order a three-tier birthday cake using online cake delivery in Delhi or wherever you live
  32. Get yourself a new stylish haircut
  33. Learn to drive a car (if you haven’t till now)
  34. Organize a fancy dress birthday party
  35. Play video games (the old ones and not Xbox)
  36. Take a survivalist or wilderness class (with Bear Grylls on Discovery, hahaha)

  37. Learn to cook something other than Maggie
  38. Visit a planetarium or observatory

  39. Start reading novels (improve your vocabulary too)
  40. Promise yourself that you won’t hurt anyone
  41. Start helping your mother in household chores
  42. Learn to refill water bottles (that you take out from the refrigerator)
  43. Party with needy children (now that’s a perfect one)


Hope you enjoyed the ideas!!


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