4 Simple Strategies for Addressing Seasonal Allergies


Seasonal allergies can cause an array of symptoms ranging from mildly irritating to life-threatening. If the idea of popping antihistamines non-stop for months isn’t appealing, there is good news. Taking a few simple steps around the house may help minimize symptoms and keep you from running to the medicine cabinet every day.

  1. Schedule a Deep Cleaning 

Soft surfaces in your home — things like the carpets, upholstered furniture and window treatments — are magnets for things like dust, dander and pollen. An annual visit by a pro will ensure a truly deep clean. Plus, they can also perform a professional air duct cleaning Snell VA to get particles that have settled into the vents.

  1. Keep Windows Closed 

Seasonal allergies often originate outside of the home. So, while opening the windows brings a breath of fresh air into a house, it also brings in pollen, mold and dirt. If you suffer from allergies to any of those things, it is a good idea to keep the windows closed tight. If you insist on keeping them open part of the day, run an air purifier to pick up the particles that make it through.

  1. Fix Any Leaks

Small cracks around a house’s foundation allow small animals and insects to enter uninvited. While it may seem irrelevant to allergies, the droppings these pests leave behind can aggravate respiratory symptoms, including those caused by seasonal allergies. Take steps to seal any gaps with caulking or spray foam insulation.

  1. Change Your Laundry Routine 

Even if you love the smell of clothes and sheets fresh off the clothesline, it may be time to revisit using the dryer. Fabrics can collect a substantial amount of pollen and spores while they are drying in the sun. If you insist on using a clothesline, wait for days where the pollen counts are low to minimize the effects.

Even though these seem like small changes, cleaning carpets and vents, closing windows and sealing gaps can all help minimize allergy symptoms.

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