3 Ways To Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal


Whether you are thinking of selling your home or just wanting to spruce up its appearance, there are several projects you can complete to dramatically improve its curb appeal. Upgrading your home’s exterior experience can raise its value and increase your own enjoyment of your house. Here are three simple projects you can do to make your home and yard look beautiful.

  1. Add Flowers and Bushes

If you want more variety than simply a lawn full of grass, consider upgrading the landscaping. You can plant flowers and bushes, or consider xeriscaping with native plants. Browsing through the options at a landscape supply new Brighton PA, store may give you more ideas. Another option is to add rocks, gravel, or mulch to your flower beds. Switching some parts of your lawn to non-grass options reduces the time it takes to mow and maintain a healthy yard.

  1. Install Window Boxes

You don’t have to limit your flower planting projects to your yard. Consider installing planters under your windows and adding colorful plants. Window boxes can add visual interest to your home’s exterior and improve the views from inside your house as well. You may want to coordinate the color of the boxes with your siding or trim, or you could consider planting flowers that match your home’s color scheme.

  1. Add More Lights

You may not often think about what your home’s exterior looks like at night, but adequate lighting can improve the appearance and increase security. There are numerous exterior lighting options for your home: motion-activated floodlights, small solar-powered lamps for flower beds, and sturdy lights to line pathways. Putting your outdoor lights on a timer or using a light-activated control system means you don’t even have to think about turning them on every night.

Improving your home’s exterior appearance can be a satisfying project that brings you happiness and increases the financial value of your home. Adding lights, window boxes, and colorful plants can give your home’s exterior beautiful splashes of color.

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