Forum Rules

Updated: 02/16/2013

1. Do Not Spam.
Please refrain from posting pointless, scam or spam type messages on the forums, this is determined by the moderator’s discretion.
Spam can lead to a permanent deletion of your account.

2. Do Not Cross Post.
Please do not post same the topic in multiple forums, especially guild recruitment threads. Posting the same topic over multiple forums will get your topics removed. Repeated offences will get you banned from the forums.

3. Do not Post Copyright, NDA, or Other Protected Material.
Inside information is always fun to share but unfortunately it is not legal and we can not allow it. We’ll remove all posts that violate this rule.

4. Do Not Post Offensive or Adult Material
Posts with Offensive or Adult material will be removed once discovered, and a warning will be issues. Repeated offenses will lead to a ban from the forums.

5. Be Respectful to your Fellow Members, Moderators and Admin.
We’re all friends here and we would like to keep it that way. If you’re having issues with a member please report them to a Moderator or Admin.

6. Guild Recruitment Posts Must Stay in the Guild Hall.
Guild Recruitment posts must stay in the Guild Hall forum, there’s no need to spam your recruitment message across the entire forum. Spamming your Guild Recruitment message on Live Chat will also lead to a band if your repeat the offence. If you want you may post a link to your guild page in your forum signature.

Website Rules

1. Mass Guild Invites are not Allowed.
If you spam guild invites we reserve the right to completely delete your guild and delete your account. Guild Admin: Make sure to tell your members their actions could cost you a guild page. You wouldn’t want to lose your hard work over something one of your members did.

2. Private Message and Live Chat Spam is Not Allowed.
If you Private Message spam the other members we will ban your account.

3. Friend Request Spam is Not Allowed.
If you don’t know someone don’t invite them to be your friend, it’s annoying. Mass friend requesting will get your account banned and deleted.