About the Website

The Shadowed Mare is a fansite dedicated to The Elder Scrolls Online and past Elder Scrolls titles. 

The Shadowed Mare is an online community of fans of The Elder Scrolls Online and past Elder Scrolls titles such as Arena, Morrowind and Skyrim. If you’re a veteran of The Elder Scrolls series or you’re completely new to it feel free to join our Forums, the best way to discuss and learn all about The Elder Scrolls series. We’ve also opened forums specifically for The Elder Scrolls online for Newbie Help, Quest Discussions and even Guild Recruitment.


Skyrim-GuildThe Shadowed Mare first began as The Skyrim Guild — one of the earliest and most popular websites dedicated to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim video game. Phill, the website’s founder, decided to place a greater emphasis on The Elder Scrolls Online, and The Skyrim Guild was subsequently transformed into the Shadowed Mare, quickly became one the leading ESO communities complete with guild creation and membership capabilities.

In 2013, Phill sold the Shadowed Mare to the Skyrim Fansite, another early website dedicated to the Skyrim and Elder Scrolls video games. In order to refine the Shadow Mare’s focus further still, the blog portion of the Shadowed Mare was transferred to the Skyrim Fansite, freeing the Shadowed Mare to center its attention completely on community building and guild creation. Today, both the Shadowed Mare and Skyrim Fansite stand together as sister-sites with the common goal of promoting The Elder Scrolls Online and Elder Scrolls video games.

Our Tavern

Established in 3E 23 by a family of Dunmer our tavern, located North West of Caldera in Morrowind, is known for its locally brewed mead and finely smoked Guar ribs. Although located near a major mining village in the heart of Vvardenfell we host travelers and their tales from all over Tamriel. Everyone is welcome, from Argonians to Nords, we enjoy the company of each and every one of our visitors. If your journey’s path reaches our humble door please stop in and tell us your tale.