Live Stream: The Elder Scrolls Online at PAX East
Khajiit in The Elder Scrolls Online

Our ESO Media Expert Garbrac embarked on the journey from Canada this past Thursday to attend PAX East in search for the latest news and updates on The Elder Scrolls Online. Join him and Altair as they discuss their findings.

Recording of last night live stream.

Garbrac is also a member of the Clarion Call Gaming Community and hosts The Elder Scrolls Uncovered a live stream series on Elder Scrolls Online News, Speculation and Theories.

Elder Scrolls Uncovered – Ep 15 – Combat: It’s just a flesh wound
March 16, 2013
Combat in The Elder Scrolls Online

Join Garbrac and the crew for the final episode before PAX East. In this episode they’ll be talking about the recent information that was released regarding combat. What is all this Soft Lock talk, find out in ESU Ep 15.

Elder Scrolls Uncovered – Ep.12 – Discussing Immersion

Join Glandict, Altair, Guilo, RapiD, Garbrac, as they discuss the topic of Immersion.  Becoming immersed in the world is what will keep you playing. Nothing is more satisfying than sitting back with a cold stein of mead and discussing the days adventures while tending to an arrow to the knee. Join us as we discuss the Immersion of Elder Scrolls Online.

Part 1

Help Garbrac get to PAX East and he’ll giveaway Elder Scrolls Online Swag!

Part 2

Elder Scrolls Uncovered – Ep.11 – Saturday Feb 9th 10pm EST

Join Garbrac, Hayyt, Guilo, Glandict, RapiD, and Almerish for this weeks Elder Scrolls Uncovered.  They will be discussing the Question Of The Week , The Elder Scrolls Online Beta – What to expect, Traveling through Tamriel and Faction Balancing.

Elder Scrolls Uncovered Ep. 10 – Player Guilds & Map Access
February 2, 2013

Join Garbrac, Altair, Glandict, Almerish, RapiD and Guilo as they discuss The Elder Scrolls Online Question of the Week, Player Guilds and Map Access and its size compared to other MMOs during their 10th Episode of Elder Scrolls Uncovered at 10 EST Tonight (2-2-13). Visit their live stream at or check it out below. Read more