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Grievance (NA/AldDom/PVP + PVE) Tired of Guild Shopping?(70) in Guild Hall by Talore on 18-Aug-15 11:23PM
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PS4, PvX, N.A, Savage Brigade Recruiting(0) in Guild Hall by EvelShadow on 14-Aug-15 4:16AM
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[XBOX ONE - NA] Ischurones Trading Corp: Now Recruiting!(0) in Guild Hall by Reziun on 11-Aug-15 6:47PM
[PS4][NA][DC] "The Dankness" Budding Beginners Guild(0) in Guild Hall by Realdahl on 11-Aug-15 1:30AM
[DC] Brotherhood of Redemption - NA, EST, PvX, Social(39) in Guild Hall by Karoneth on 6-Aug-15 4:55PM
[PC/NA/EP] Are you about "The Life"? Sons of Anorangekitty(0) in Guild Hall by Bulby37 on 20-Jul-15 7:31PM
Guild recruitment attempt (XboxOne Aldmeri Dominion) 18+(0) in Guild Hall by LadyMetalD on 18-Jul-15 7:20PM
[NA][EbonHeart][PS4] By The Beard! All are welcome!(2) in Guild Hall by SteveTheNord on 26-Jun-15 9:09PM
Become a werewolf- help would me much appreciated!!(0) in Ebonheart Pact by Vreker2011 on 19-Jun-15 10:34AM
The Draconis Protectorate is recruiting. Xbox one Ebonheart(0) in Guild Hall by RyujinXiuhcoatl on 17-Jun-15 2:09AM
(PS4 Guild) Trading, PVP, etc. Have Fun!(0) in Guild Hall by 2014brock on 15-Jun-15 11:24PM